The origins of this resource page

The academic year 2002 - 2003 was very active in terms of student involvement in the use and promotion of Linux on campus. There were regular meetings at Collis at which projects were discussed, a Wiki created and enjoyed input from many, and the Dartmouth Open Source Community (DOSC) established as an official campus organization.

The most tangible legacy of that year of activity was the Wiki which contained a great deal of information to help Linux users on campus interface with established Dartmouth systems. The Wiki disappeared from the Student Assembly computer (the former home of, was briefly resurrected, then disappered for good. Fortunately during the short window that it resurfaced, much of its contents were extracted.

In an attempt to give the repository a more stable home, the Mathematics Department has offered to host it and will continue to make updates to it, hoping that it will remain a valuable resource for the Linux community on campus. The documentation which began as Wiki is being updated as time permits, but will be static pages to which contributions are nontheless still welcome. Of course many of us would love to see a resurgence of student interest in the DOSC, and perhaps the creation of new resources.

For historical purposes, here is a link to the original Dartmouth Open Source Community webpage.

The resource page is here.