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::NEW:: Kiewit now has enabled LDAP authentication for printing. Originally we thought this might break the print queue, but (at least for now) that queue is working normally.

Printing Made Easy:

Assuming that you are using RedHat linux, or have the software 'printtool' installed, type # printtool

(you need to be logged in to a terminal as root).

The printer configuration tool will launch in a new window.

You will want to set up a new UNIX remote print spool.

In Name, you should enter a descriptive name, such as "GreenPrint"

For Queue Type in the left-hand column and select UNIX Printer (lpd Queue) from the list

In the Server box, type in the name

In the Queue box, type in GreenPrint.

(NOTE: the queue is case-sensitive. make sure that you type in in CamelCase or you will be upset when your documents do not seem to be printing out... :)

Select Printer Driver from the left-hand list and make sure Postscript Printer is the selected choice.

Under Driver Options, make sure Page Size is set to US Letter. That's it!

Now click on the Apply button on the toolbar to save changes and restart lpd.

You have set up greenprint! Your print jobs will print under your DND name.

UPDATE: because of the change to authenticate off of the DND/LDAP,

Basically, when you print to Oslo, the print spooler does a DND lookup on your name and puts the print job in the appropriate queue. Although untested, we believe that if you have the DNDNonPubBit? set you will not be able to print using this method.

Actually, we were thinking about working on a card-release system like the DoorLocks? or the SunraySmartCard? system, but NTNM (as usual).

Yea, but what does your printcap entry? look like?

Here's an example (from Joe Hill ):


If you desire a full-fledged greenprint client for linux, send a well-written and nicely-worded request to - if enough requests come in, hopefully the College will be able to persuade the vendor to create a driver.

More information on greenprint is available here:

RobinsonTryon - 25 Jan 2003
(text from sjr + the FAQ-O-Matic)